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As with most inherently dangerous recreational activities, some kind of waiver is typically required to participate. Our version of this document, the Acknowledgment of Risk form, must be completed for each individual participant and spectator entering the climbing area.

The Acknowledgment of Risk form discusses the associated hazards of indoor rock climbing, the expectations of all participants while utilizing the facility, and other very important information. The use of a helmet is strongly recommended for all participants, but is not required for participants age 14 years and older. Climbers and spectators must adhere to the facility rules, which are posted in the gym and available in paper form, at all times. Questions are encouraged for clarification on any of the facility rules.

The Acknowledgment of Risk form is a contract with legal consequences. Be sure to read the form carefully and in its entirety prior to completing it.

Acknowledgment of Risk form – required paperwork for all participants and spectators