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Joined: 01 Mar 2004
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2004 1:24 pm    Post subject: The no climb zone Reply with quote

Hey Everyone,
How are thing going back in VB. Just wanted to give you all a quick update from the Ronald Reagan. We have now been to Rio de Janero, Santiago Chile and Lima Peru there has not been a a lot of climbing goin on due to the Liberty and time restrictions that we face at each port, However we are hooking up with some locals at our next stop to hit up the local crags. It may have to be a bit of an undercover mission on our part but really how do they expect us to be in South America and not climb. Shame on them. Anyway as usual we will fight the man and venture forth to new and exciting places, see new things and climb them. Hope that this update finds you all well. For more in depth news about our climbing and adventures around South America You can E-Mail me at Keep the faith brothers and hopefully we will at least hear from some of you when we get to SanDiego. Talk to you all later.

Jake (AKA Sharkbait)
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Joined: 27 Jul 2004
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 27, 2004 11:21 pm    Post subject: SoCal, sunny and sweet. Reply with quote

Well, here we are parked at North Island. I've got to say that San Diego beats Virginia hands down. Sunny all the time with an awesome breeze that keeps you cool. Also, the big kicker... NO HUMIDITY!! The big downside is that stuff is expensive. Goods and food cost about the same but any type of housing is really out of this world. Oh, and validating parking is a big freaking deal. Do it or your going to pay a ton.

I know there is a ton of climbing around here. I've even been a few minutes from J-Tree but God is it hot in the desert. As soon as I get a place I'm getting a crashpad and heading up to Mt. Woodsen.
Today I went to a climbing gym here. Wow, I was really dissapointed. The boulder there had a ton of potential. Good angles, good cave area but the setters must have been parapalegic epeleptics. Random colors of tape started and stopped at whim. Routes ended anywhere or absoluty nowhere. Unlike VBRG no one was on the boulder. Everyone was lead climbing. I guess neglect is the reason for the boulders sad condition.

Anyway, thats about the most random, rambling blurb I can come up with at the moment. Michele and myself are getting a 2 bedroom townhouse so that means we'll have a space for climbing bums to crash. Drop us a line and let us know whats up.

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Joined: 03 Jun 2005
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Location: va beach

PostPosted: Fri Jun 03, 2005 9:15 am    Post subject: wish i was home Reply with quote

whats up everyone. just wanted to say whats up from the middle east. unfortunately i am deployed now, no there sure as hell is no climbing over here. its depressing, watching the summer slip away. I make due w/ reading Climbing mag. and monkeying around the ship, but nothing can replace climbing. I can't wait to get back and atleast hit up the gym over the fall/winter. later
"The greatest risk is not taking one."
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Joined: 02 Jan 2004
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Location: Norfolk

PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2005 8:24 pm    Post subject: catchin up Reply with quote

You guys have a lot of work to do to keep up with AMGA-Tommy! He's certified b***ches!
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